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Message infomation

Message infomation

Notice:working hour for StarTimes call center Monday-Friday9:00am-9:30pm  Saturday and Sunday (public holiday):   10:00am-4:00pm

Hotline: 0417 117700    

Encrypted Program
(Please insert Smart Card)
Please Check your Smartcard if insert well, or Insert your Smart Card into the decoder
Smart Card ErrorThe card was inserted wrongly, Please insert your Smart card when the Golden chip is facing down and follow the arrow.
No SignalPlease check if your indoor antenna is installed well. If Yes, Adjust it until you pick the signal. If doesn’t pick signals then your will be required to get an Outdoor antenna.
No ServiceAdjust your Antenna for a better signal or Do an Automatic channel search or Call Hotline to confirm if it’s a general problem or for further assistance.
No Access, Not SubscribedIt may either be Disconnected or your IC and VG are not well-matched/Compatible. Please call the Hotline (0417 117700) for help.
Channel List EmptyThis will be signal problem, Please adjust your Indoor Antenna or Acquire outdoor for Better signal.
OpenThis is a signal problem, Please adjust your outdoor Antenna or Acquire one if you had an indoor antenna, for Better signal.
Missing Some channelsGo to Menu, then System settings, OK, Channel search, Manual search, Ok, Enter Frequency 490 ,498or 522.
Envelop on your screenPress Mail Button to open, select the message to read/delete.
No sound or Radio interferencePress Track Button to get the sound or to remove the interference.
EPG (Electronic Program Guide)Press EPG Button, select a channel, Press OK to displace the programs, select program you want to watch later and Press F1/Red Button to remind you when time comes.
Envelop/Mail Display on ScreenPress the Mail Button, select the New mail sent to you, then OK to read the mail and Exit
How To do Automatic Channel Search.Press Menu, scroll to System Setting, Press OK, Select Channel Search, Select Automatic Search and Press OK.
How To do Manual SearchPress Menu, scroll to System Setting, Press OK, Select Channel Search, Select Manual Search, enter  frequency 522 for Local Channels and 490 for International channels. Press OK.
How To create PasswordPress Menu, scroll to System Setting, Press OK, Select Password Settings, move to Current Password enter 0000, then Change Password ……….. , Verify Password………. Then OK. coder)ck onannels.lst ting, Then OK
Parental Lock in your DecoderPress Menu, scroll to System Setting, Press OK, Select Parental Control, move on the Right of your menu and select ON Then OK. Exit once, then Select Channel Management, then OK.
Scroll through to select the Channels you want to Lock by pressing the Green Button on each channels to Lock. coder)ck onannels.lst ting, Then OK
How to Load TV Time/Recharge VoucherGo messages in your phone, type in CZ#SmartcardNumber#SmartcardNumber#pin
and then send the message to 8383 ,Find Smartcard number on the Card in your Decoder.
The Pin is the number you scratch on the Recharge Voucher.
Note: If 8383 is failed, u can equally try: 0772 717700 or 0716 117700
IC is a SmartCard in a DecoderIC Number = Smart card serial number
VG is the Video Gateway (Decoder)VG Number = Decoder serial number
Note: Its very important to know your signal levels. Whenever you see No Signal or No Service Please check your signal levels by pressing Menu, Scroll to System settings, press OK, scroll downwards on the next page to find Signal Status. We recommend above 50% Signal Strength and 70% Signal Quality for the better viewing. If your signals are below the above Percentages, please adjust on your antenna to improve the signals for a better picture.

If you have any questions, please contact us freely. We will offer you the best service.

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